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dear daughter i want you to be strong not stubborn

Dear Daughter: I Want You to Be Strong, Not Stubborn

Last fall, I asked a few of my writer friends to share their letters to their daughters here on the blog. Their heartfelt and vulnerable words for their little (and grown-up) girls inspired and uplifted me as a mom, as a motherless daughter and as a believer. Today, I’m sharing my own message to my …

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dear daughter

Dear Daughter: “This Little Light of Mine”

I am so honored to share this week’s “Dear Daughter” letter guest post, written by my Southern soul sister, Lauren McMinn, to her 9-month-old baby girl, Ada. Dear Daughter, How are you already 9 months old? My bundle of love, joy and laughter. Hungry for life and exploration. You keep me on my toes all day long …

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