Meet JD Doty: #TexasStrong Woman of the Month

Meet JD Doty: #TexasStrong Woman of the Month

I’m excited to introduce you to March’s #TexasStrong Woman of the Month–wife, mom, athletic coach and graphic designer–my beautiful and talented, bonus sister-in-law, JD Doty.

Meet JD Doty

JD has faced a lot of heartache in her life, including losing her father to suicide four years ago, with courage, compassion and creativity.

Originally from Abilene, she both played and coached softball at Abilene Christian University, where she met her husband Mitch. They now live near Houston with their three children, Jaxon, Maddi and Knox. In addition to being an awesome wife and mom, JD also coaches kids’ sports, gives private softball lessons and specializes in athletic apparel and t-shirt designs as the owner of Harpo Graphics.

jd doty #texasstrong

#TexasStrong Woman of the Month

Favorite title(s) for yourself

I was brushing my teeth, Knox was throwing tooth brushes at me, I was thinking of all the things I needed to do before I got the girls to school (on time today, I might add), and I thought to myself, where would these tiny humans be at in their morning routine without me barking at them? So maybe “drill sergeant” is a good title.

Twenty minutes later, I was driving them to school and praying alongside them (our morning routine), and I prayed that I continued to show them the ways of Jesus and to teach them how to walk with love and courage and forgiveness, so “spiritual leader” within the family was another title. That title gives me too much credit though, because I do fail often at dragging the minions to church, and my husband leads in this category as well as I do.

Then I was thinking about all the things I have to do today, with the tiny humans at my side. Mostly work, art (which is super hard when you’re trying to wield a mouse like a boss and there’s a kid using your arm as a pommel horse), and coaching, and lessons, and and and and and…

As exhausting as life can be and it can really beat you down, especially when you have a two-year-old throwing tooth brushes at you at 5 a.m., my favorite title might simply be “Mom.” It’s used 7,438 times a day at the very least, and I’m super proud of it.

Your toughest lesson or challenge

As a person who does not enjoy being overwhelmed in the least, I struggle with asking for help.

I always feel like I can conquer the world until I tell too many people, “Yes, I can do it,” and then I need to be seven places at once with some kind of fulfillment for each person. So instead of learning how to ask for help, I’ve gone to actually telling people, “No.” I may feel like a little bit of a jerk for doing it, but I like that more than feeling like I depend on others. CLEARLY I should work on both!

jd doty motherhood
JD with daughter Maddi

Your proudest accomplishment

I used to be most proud of my softball achievements. Not every girl grows up to play their favorite sport in college, and even fewer grow up to coach college ball. I did that. It was fantastic.

My kids are more fantastic, and hearing them laugh, seeing them smile, witnessing them love each other, and GOD–now that’s fantastic, and that’s what I’m most proud of. Sure, they’re 9 and 7 and 2, and we have many more trying times ahead of us. But for now, I feel accomplished.

Your role models or mentors

I’ve had a handful of mentors whom I love and adore and have taught me so much. In some ways they’ve shown me how I want to live my life, and in others I’ve seen what I definitely do not want for myself or my family. Every person God has put into my life has had an impact on my walk, and I’m thankful for all of them.

jd doty acu softball

Your best advice for newbies

If you’re going to do it, do your very best.

It’s the “Go hard or go home” mentality that sports instilled within me. My late daddy used to get so angry at me when I would start my swing and stop on contact. “If you decide to swing, do it! Don’t do it half way!” He’d yell.

So even now, while I find myself sitting at a computer and designing something for a customer, I don’t just quickly put something together without paying attention to the details. Graphic design is in the details. Fonts matter, shapes matter, all the things matter!!

I’m proud of my work and the time I put into it, and I suppose I’m proud of the dark circles under my eyes, because they come from late nights of work!

How you’re building community

Youth sports is the best community building thing I have my hands in. From coaching volleyball, to little league, to private lessons, I have always lived by the method: “I do not want to be anyone’s last coach.”

My goal is to make the worst athlete feel like the best and learn to have faith in oneself.

There are too many coaches who take the actions of athletes as a personal portrayal of themselves. Instead of making them do a great job for me, I want them to do a great job for themselves.

jd doty family

Quote or verse you live by

I don’t necessarily have words to live by. Often I think to myself, “just keep swimming,” or even, “it’ll be over in a minute.” I’ll read a quote and think, “HELL YES,” often. Today this is how I feel:

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right, for you’ll be criticized anyway.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Favorite nonprofits you support

I often pack up the kids’ clothes, coats, backpacks, etc., and take them to elementary schools in whatever area I’m living. I can’t tell you how many kids go to school without properly fitting shoes or coats, and they often look for the handouts and help from a teacher or someone who just notices.

Maren Kacey Miranda and Me loveofdixie

First ever Love of Dixie – Harpo Graphics collaboration

A few months ago, JD created these “Maren, Kacey, Miranda & Me” shirts celebrating my favorite Texas female singer-songwriters, and we’re bringing them back for spring. If you want one ($24 plus tax and shipping), please comment below with your email and desired shirt size.

{These are high quality, super soft Bella + Canvas triblend tees. The women’s (fitted) and unisex versions both go up to 2XL. Please specify which version you’d like in your comment.}

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