How You Can Help Bring Home Penelope with #TexasStrong

How You Can Help Bring Home Penelope with #TexasStrong

When I found out my high school pal Stephen Miller, an amazing author and worship leader, and his incredible wife Amanda were adopting (again!), I was so excited to follow and support their journey.

Stephen Miller family adoption

How you can help bring home Penelope with #TexasStrong

Their multi-ethnic family near Dallas, which already includes three biological children as well as two brothers adopted from Ethiopia, is now opening its arms to receive two more beautiful children, 11-year-old Penelope and 16-month-old Lincoln from China:

Currently our paperwork is being processed through U.S. immigration, which will take a few more weeks, and then we can send our dossier (entire compilation of official paperwork) over to China and wait for our travel dates. It will likely be at least a few more months for all of this to be processed before we can bring them home, but we are hoping for late spring.

Lincoln’s orphanage is on the northern side of China, so when we travel, we will first spend a week in South China to get Penelope and then all go spend a week in Northern China to get Lincoln. Lots to prepare for but we are just so thankful for the privilege of welcoming both of these precious kiddos into our family. Please keep us in your prayers!

– Amanda Miller, Grace for the Millers

You can read more about the Miller family and their adoption process or make a donation here.

#TexasStrong polka dot #BringHomePenelope

#TexasStrong polka dot shirts benefit #BringHomePenelope

In an effort to help the Millers raise the thousands of dollars still needed to complete their China adoption, I have released these new polka dot, #TexasStrong #BringHomePenelope tees, hoodies and mugs, with ALL proceeds going to Stephen Miller Ministries to help them bring home Penelope and Lincoln.

(P.S. Stephen is also offering a really cool, more masculine shirt design as an adoption fundraiser here.)