Happy: A Sweet Visit with My Mom Despite Alzheimer’s Disease

Happy: A Sweet Visit with My Mom Despite Alzheimer’s Disease

My mother was lively and spirited, despite Alzheimer’s disease, when I visited her yesterday evening. She was in bed, talking and giggling to herself when I arrived.

Feeding My Mother

One of the aides, Paul, came in with a tray holding her dinner and helped her into a wheelchair. He came back to check on us several times while I fed her. She ate very well but would not hold any of her silverware and only picked up food with her hands and held her drink a few times.

my mother Alzheimer's disease

“You are sweet”

She clasped her hands together during most of her meal, chewing well and stopping at random moments to talk or laugh. She also paused a few times to touch my face and hair and once took my glasses off. Twice, she tried to tell me I was sweet, but it came out more like “You are smeet.”

“That’s Grandpa”

Meanwhile, Otis, a white-haired, overall-wearing resident, paced up and down the hallway past her doorway. Twice, she waved at him, and he waved back. Once, she looked at him and remarked, “That’s Grandpa.”  I was going to take her Christmas decorations home but changed my mind when I heard her mumble something including the phrase “Christmas tree.”

Once she had eaten all of her meat and steamed vegetables and most of her rice and tortillas and drank all of her cranberry juice and half of her iced tea, an aide came in to feed her medicine disguised in chocolate pudding. Then Paul changed her and put her in pajamas. I put shoes on her and walked her up and down the hallway for almost 15 minutes before I had to return to Austin. She walked fairly well but did not let go of my hand for the first 10 minutes.


  1. kimbah2112 says:

    >hello you. I'm so sorry not to have connected with you @ Gary's Welcome Home gig. I make like zero public appearances 🙂 no social grace have I. You never need an invitation to my house and I'm home A LOT 🙂

    • Amber says:

      I’m glad you have happy memories and pray they will icaernsingly balance the sadness and emptiness that you feel.My mother has recently been diagnosed with “dementia”. There are moments when HER eyes and smile, too, are filled with the innocence of a child. My sadness is just beginning….

  2. Stopmachine says:

    Oh my sweet friend, no words can ease the eseminpts you feel. Mothers and Grandmothers will forever hold our hearts. Though they may no longer be here on earth with us (for me its my grandmother)they remain forever in our thoughts and hearts and all that we do. My thoughts and prayers go out over the ocean to you. I will light a candle for you in her memory…Blessings..xo HHL

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