Fun, New the Essentials Box from the AromaGirls

Fun, New the Essentials Box from the AromaGirls

I received a free the Essentials Box in exchange for posting a review on the blog. See my full disclosure policy here.

When local essential oil mavens (and my Hays County neighbors) Kaylynn and Kasey of the AromaGirls offered me the chance to review their new Essentials Box, I was ecstatic. I’ve been using high quality essential oils for several years but had fallen out of the rhythm of reaping their benefits on a daily basis.

the aromagirls the essentials box

Fun, new the Essentials Box from the AromaGirls

Delivered monthly, the Essentials Box provides a great introduction to using essential oils for newbies and a great excuse to fall back in love with using oils for enthusiasts like me:

Why You will love your Essentials Box

1. You get a chance to make some fun things using the oils you already have. If you enjoyed making it and you find that it’s useful, then you can purchase full size ingredients with confidence. You’ll know what you need and what to do with it. If you don’t have any oils in your home, get in touch! We can help!

2. Every box will include additional ideas and recipes to use with your favorite oils. This will give you the opportunity to really get to know your oils and find your favorite ones.

3. Every box is a great deal! We guarantee that you would spend far more than $25 purchasing the box contents separately. Who doesn’t love a great deal??

– the AromaGirls

lotusmist diffuser the aromagirls

January the Essentials Box starring the LotusMist diffuser

I was excited to discover that last month’s very first the Essentials Box from the AromaGirls included both a LotusMist ultrasonic diffuser and Klenzor diffuser cleaning tablets. The diffuser is beautiful and compact but powerful, and it features an automatic safety shut-off. I love that it is the perfect size and style for my bedside table. Because it’s cedar and sickness season, I’ve been running it with a few drops of the respiratory and protective blends each night.

The cleaning tablets will really come in handy because cleaning diffuser reservoirs is a tedious chore, especially when you have hard water like we do here in central Texas. And, of course, being the great teachers that they are, Kaylynn and Kasey included some helpful essential oils usage tips and a handy sample of the protective blend in the Essentials Box.

I expected great quality products in a subscription box from the AromaGirls, but I’m really impressed with the value as well. The monthly box only costs $25, shipping is free, and the diffuser alone has a retail value of $35. I can’t wait to see what Kaylynn and Kasey put in the February box!

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