Celebrating 5 Years: A Texas Hill Country Anniversary

Celebrating 5 Years: A Texas Hill Country Anniversary

This post about our anniversary is a month overdue but better late than never, right?

Trattoria Lisina Driftwood Texas Hill Country
Celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary

My husband, who, unlike me, is not the planning type, planned a very elaborate day of local, Texas Hill Country food and drink for our fifth anniversary.  I suspected parts of the plan because we had discussed a certain winery and movie but the rest was a surprise.


My in-laws picked up Baby Girl around noon, and my husband and I headed to a surprise destination:  Thirsty Planet Brewing Company in Austin for a tasting (we were supposed to have a tour also, but that never actually happened).  I was a big fan of Thirsty Goat Amber and its ridiculous logo.  In fact, I almost bought a t-shirt with said goat on the front.  I also liked the Yellow Armadillo Wheat, which tasted very similar to Hefeweizen.  My husband was a little disappointed that they were only sampling light beers that day so I’m sure we’ll make a return visit to try their darker brews.

Thirsty Planet beer Austin Texas Hill Country
Thirsty Goat Amber at Thirsty Planet Brewing Company


Next we headed to Amy’s for my beloved Mexican Vanilla ice cream and then its neighboring movie theater for the three-hour movie musical, Les Miserables.  Movies at the theater are a rare treat for us these days so we splurged on a large coke and popcorn to share.  I was underwhelmed by the movie after seeing the stage version in London but enjoyed the film, nonetheless.  P.S. I really love this post my friend Lindsey’s husband Brian wrote about how Les Miserables is “a marvelous illustration of grace and legalism.”

Wine & Dine

We finished out the evening in Driftwood with a tasting at Duchman Family Winery and an excellent Italian dinner at the adjacent restarant.   We loved Duchman’s MontepuIciano with hints of blackberry and tobacco so much that we purchased a bottle to take home.

At Trattoria Lisina, I devoured the Fettuccine con Prosciutto e Funghi (a.k.a. mushrooms) and Mandola Chianti.  My husband enjoyed the Costolette di Agnello alla Griglia (Texas grass fed lamb chops grilled over oak and pecan with a reduced balsamic glaze) and Real Ale Brewing Company‘s Lost Gold IPA (brewed in Blanco, Texas).  We were so stuffed that we only ate half of our complimentary Tiramisu and took the other half home.

Trattoria Lisina Driftwood Texas Hill Country wine
Mandola Chianti at Trattoria Lisina

I also made him a cake that we enjoyed the night before our anniversary.  All in all, it was a very special (and flavorful) anniversary.

Note:  We also spent our first anniversary in 2008 enjoying Texas food, wine and beer in the Texas Hill Country.


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