mother's death

Her Greatest Adventure: Remembering My Mother’s Death


Exactly one year ago today, I walked into my mother’s room in the nursing home, carrying a cookies and cream milkshake (I was pregnant, after all), and found her finally at peace. First Anniversary of My Mother’s Death Even after 4 days of waiting and watching her body fail, finding her actually dead was a shock.  I …

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turning thirty

30 Reasons I’m Thankful to Be Turning Thirty


I have to admit, turning thirty is a little scary, especially when your mother had symptoms of Alzheimer’s before she turned fifty.  My husband noted that I am “advancing in age” in an otherwise very sweet birthday letter. But, turning thirty is a little bit exciting, too, because I’m celebrating the start of a beautiful, new chapter in this great adventure.  As my …

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brain food doodle

Brain Food: Spring Clean Your Diet


I’m wrapping up National Nutrition Month (March) with a brain food post that is several years in the making.  My relationship with food and health shifted dramatically following my mother’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Disclaimer:  I am not a medical doctor and cannot give medical advice.  I am simply a health enthusiast, sharing what I have learned …

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prioritizing marriage

Romance and Diaper Duty: Prioritizing Marriage As A Young Mom


Prioritizing Marriage While Feeling Unromantic It seems like nothing has been working correctly lately–my cell phone, my brain, you name it.  I am exhausted and overwhelmed with the endless tasks of mothering two children under two.  Meanwhile, my husband is exhausted from working long hours and also trying to help out with our kids when …

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