May 2011

Progression of My Mother’s Early Onset Alzheimer’s in Photos


After watching Still Alice with my husband recently, I began looking through photos of my mom in old blog posts–photos of her living with the enemy, early onset Alzheimer’s disease.  I pieced together the pictures in chronological order, trying to create a visual timeline of her decline. People who stopped visiting her during her illness told …

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choosing joy

Choosing Joy: 10 Ways to Bring Sunshine to Your Soul


I have struggled with depression, anxiety and even panic attacks since adolescence. Some of this has been hormonal, some has been situational.  My mental health affects my physical health, zapping my energy, my appetite and my immune system, and I end up plagued by weight loss, frequent illness and chronic sinusitis. And, inevitably, it affects my marriage and my …

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Essential Oils for Women’s Health


My knowledge and love of therapeutic grade essential oils has grown exponentially over the last year, thanks to discovering and enrolling as a wellness advocate in doTERRA.  In honor of National Women’s Health Week and Women’s Health Month, here are a few of my favorite essential oils and supplements for women’s health.   Disclaimer: The advice shared in this …

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