permission to grow be present

Why Permission to Grow Is Permission to Be Present in the Here and Now

When I was a teenager, I loved rearranging the furniture in my room. I rarely asked for help and would muster all of the strength in my tiny, adolescent body to push my loaded bookcase across that hardwood floor. Occasionally, I would end up hurting myself and wishing that I had asked my parents or my …

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texasstrong woman of the month michelle harper with son

Meet Michelle Harper: #TexasStrong Woman of the Month

This month’s #TexasStrong woman of the month is my dear friend (and mentor, of sorts)–United Way of Hays County CEO Michelle Harper. Michelle and I met shortly after the flood relief shirts fundraiser took off and became fast friends. Meet Michelle Harper I adore her bubbly, encouraging spirit and her deep, authentic passion for improving the lives …

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Father's Day playlist

5 Powerful Songs for Your Hero this Father’s Day

This will be my first Father’s Day since losing my grandfather, and I’m afraid it will forever be difficult for me to listen to Randy Travis’ He Walked On Water, because it perfectly describes how I saw my mother’s daddy: “But his hat seemed to me like an old halo; and though his wings, they were never seen, I …

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